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EP Cube Installation Training Program_

EP Cube Installer Training Program is positioned to validate the general knowledge about EP Cube and basic capabilities of product installation, aiming at cultivating entry-level product and services support.
  • [Video] EP Cube Installation Process Guide.mp4
  • Section 1 EP Cube Product Introduction
  • [Video] EP Cube Product Introduction.mp4
  • [Test] EP Cube Product Introduction
  • Section 2 EP Cube Installation
  • [Video] Before EP Cube Installation.mp4
  • [Test] Before EP Cube Installation
  • [Video] EP Cube Installation Steps.mp4
  • [Test] EP Cube Installation Steps
  • [Video] EP Cube Wiring Steps.mp4
  • [Test] EP Cube Wiring Steps
  • Section 3 EP Cube Commissioning
  • [Video] EP Cube Commissioning Steps.mp4
  • [Test] EP Cube Commissioning Steps
  • [Video] EP CUBE App Guide.mp4
  • [Test] EP Cube App Guide
  • [Video] EP Cube Case Study.mp4
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever